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Our Mission – Raising awareness of their plight plus enriching the lives of dogs and humans

Our Goal – Making all decisions in the best interests of the dog

Amy’s Adoptables (aka 911 Dog Rescue Inc.) is a non profit 501(c)(3) Dog Rescue with a small but mighty team of volunteers who go to extraordinary lengths each and every day to:

  • Save dogs who are scheduled to be euthanized
  • Find adoptive homes for abused and discarded dogs including seniors, pregnant dogs and their pups
  • Match discarded senior dogs to Senior Citizens who are independent, live alone plus long for companionship
  • Match the right canines to PTSD adults and autistic children who need service dogs
  • Promote and advance our inmate/dog Prison Rehabilitation Program (L.E.C. Conneaut Prison)
  • Provide food and supplies to low income families (McKinley Outreach Center)
  • Push for animal welfare legislation reform


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Any received donations are greatly appreciated and go directly towards caring for our furry friends and any needs that they may have while they are in our care.

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