All money received from adoptions, sponsorships and donations goes directly back into the Inmate Program to pay for dog food, vetting, shots, spays/neuters, dog toys, treats, and anything else the pups may need. We are grateful to all those who support this effort ‒ especially our Inmate Program Sponsors!

The dogs saved by Amy’s Adoptable’s would not be here today if it were not for compassionate volunteers who spend countless hours managing our Inmate Program by:

  • Searching in pounds for good family dogs to save from desperate situations.
  • Transporting in-state (Ohio) and out-of state dogs to LEC.
  • Arranging vet appointments and transport for dogs in our care.
  • Showcasing our dogs online.
  • Meeting with potential adopters to evaluate adopter/dog fit.
  • Soliciting much-needed business sponsorships and donations.
  • Seeking out volunteers as we continue to expand our footprint.

Any received donations are greatly appreciated and go directly towards caring for our furry friends and any needs that they may have while they are in our care.

Support by Donating


Simply select the button below which will take you directly to where you can use your login credentials to sign in enabling you to donate money securely and directly to Amy’s Adoptables by entering the email address:

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Simply select the button below which will take you to and then select “911 Dog Rescue Inc”.  Note: You must go to to initiate each shopping session in order for your donation to be recorded.

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Simply select the button, which will take you to 911 Dog Rescue Inc’s Chewy page. Chewy will donate $20 to our rescue for every new customer purchase.

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