How to be More Patient with Your Dog

It takes time for a new adopter and new adoptee to learn about each other, especially a new dog that is likely stressed, anxious and not sure what to expect. It may take a few weeks or even a couple of months for your new dog to “learn the ropes”, begin to trust and relax in his/her new household. Keep in mind that you’re trying to teach your dog good lifetime habits and that won’t happen overnight. Please be patient! Your dog is depending on YOU!

Use this checklist to: 1) set your own expectations as to what it truly means to “be patient” with your dog; and 2) learn about or further refine your own “being patient” tools and methods. This checklist can be used for newly adopted dogs or as a refresher since we all need “refreshing” every now and then. Checklist: How to be More Patient with Your Dog

Amy BeamHow to be More Patient with Your Dog
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How to Introduce a New Dog

At Amy’s Adoptables we’re oftentimes asked, “How do I introduce a new dog to our current dog(s)?”

All introductions should occur in a structured, safe environment and at a pace that is comfortable to everyone. Introductions should be thought of as a process, not a one-time, high-stakes encounter. Remember…your current dog(s) (or cat) may not share your eagerness and excitement as you welcome the new member of your family into your home. Plan ahead, go slow, be safe and think “long term”.

To assist you, please use our Advice by Amy checklist provided here: How to Introduce a New Dog

Amy BeamHow to Introduce a New Dog
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